Showcase Mega


Mega -- Santa Cruz Area Mega -- Boardwalk
Mega -- Monterey Area
Mega -- Seattle
Mega -- Berlin  Berlin Fall Colors  (Large)
Mega -- Riga1
Mega -- Riga2
Mega -- Riga3

Note:    The "Large" link images require a *2500 x whatever* monitor (typically a 30" monitor)
to be seen in their entirety without scrolling left-right.

Note:    Some of these files are 300 mb large.   Most are less.
If you expand each image to 1:1 size, you can see astounding detail.
(By clicking on the image. Scroll around. Click on it again to go back down.)
If your internet bandwidth is small, don't bother. Some will take several minutes to download.

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 How the Magic Happens!

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